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This is a historical temple. There is a granite in front of the temple. A archaism is written on the granite. Inside the temple, you can see a two hundred kilogram copper bell and a sedan chair. Those ancient relics are made in Ching Dynasty. The Tin Hau temple sacrifice Tin Hau statue. According to a old legend, there is a well besisde the statue. The water in the well will never run out. The taste of the water not only sweet but also can cure people. Nowadays, people will come to the temple to celebrate the Tin Hau Festival. A large grand tour will be held. <P><BR><B><A name=marial>&lt;&lt; t im _ ,{ N k&gt;&gt;</B><BR>&lt;&lt;Maclehose Trail -- Stage one&gt;&gt;</B><A> <P> <TABLE align=center> <TBODY> <TR> <TD><IMG src="largemarial.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> <TD><IMG src="largemarial2.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>,{ N k 1u S mo m \P ʎ 4X w ek jm  l Xp (10.6 lQ ̑)  /f N h l wm } N FO b s^ fW N l  IQ N g i T +o ek ʐ J0 l g } N , [ 4l ^ l , [ 4l ^ WS L of r !` N N qg X z jm  ^ Qg g  l Xp S q 0W 1u S mo m ek L z } 2 \ Bf 0R T N S +N S N q\ Q ek L \ 1 O S 0R T b P v wm R [ O o` N N dk _ k t^ _N 8T _ N N Y M| N X 0R O e J0 <CENTER>*,g^ScOLq\cWS</CENTER> <P> The stage one of Maclehose Trail start at Pak Tam Chung carpark and end at Long Ke. The whole length about 10.6 kilometer. The trail is a coastal journey. Since most of the trail is a flat road, it is very suitable for hiking. People can enjoy lots of beautiful scenes when walking through the trail. In the middle of the stage one, you will pass the High Island Reservoir. When visitor arrive the Pak A Road, you can walk down the hill. Here is where our restaurant located. Visitors are wellcome to take a rest there. <BR> <CENTER>*We can provide a guide line for hiking</CENTER> <P><BR><A name=school><B>&lt;&lt;0W lQ W&gt;&gt;</B><BR><B>&lt;&lt;Geopark&gt;&gt;</B></A></font> <P> <TABLE align=center> <TBODY> <TR> <TD><IMG src="geopark1.jpg"></TD> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> <TD><IMG src="geopark2.jpg"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> 0W lQ W /f wQ g yr k 0W a  &N T 6q of  N e of i b v hs yr 6q @S W 0 | 9 cp l \ N 6^ ^ n c R te J v mQ ҉ kp q\ \ g , [ 4l ^ qg X v [ IP mQ e g w X *X 1z 0 )Y 6q mQ ҉ \ g X ku 0 0  ψ v e d\ 0 6f 0 mb f w g S \  eQ O I{ 0W t s a g [ \O я ݍ [ 0 MO e N ` U v 'Y jm cp wm \ f U\ :y g R N v kp q\ \ wm \ 0W *` f Y !k J N U x p 0 /n AS of 0 KN 0 1u lQ W ek L 0R ,g ^ } 1 \ Bf ] S 0 <p> A geopark is a unique natural area with special geological significance and natural and cultural landscapes. Well arranged hexagonal volcanic columns are well exposed along the coast of High Island. The magnificent hexagonal volcanic column wall at the High Island Reservoir East Dam is like a "Natural Hexagonal Column Mural", where geographical phenomena like faults, folds, twisted stone columns and vein intrusions are best appreciated at close quarters. The Tai Long Wan coast nearby showcases a breathtaking coastal landform of volcanic rocks, and justifiably rated as No. 1 of "Top Ten Hong Kong Natural Attractions" many times. It will take around 1 hours from Geopark to our resturant. <P><BR><B><A name=reservoir>&lt;&lt;, [ 4l ^&gt;&gt;</B><BR><B>&lt;&lt;High Island Reservoir&gt;&gt;</B></A> <P> <TABLE align=center> <TBODY> <TR> <TD><IMG src="largeres.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> <TD><IMG src="largeres2.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>1u S mo m Y ` _ , [ 4l ^ S s^ fW V hT of ui p *Q  S 4x 2m [ p 6q GY of 0  p X v w kp q\ n \ b_ b mQ ҉ b_ KN ] 'Y w g (W   0R U S 0 wm \ } wm jm KN O U N g N S Y _ KN  IQ 0 0R N 'Y v e P[ J N yr a O w N N r jm ތ qg X 2 l $X KN ( b_ w  'Y 6q KN jm \ b 0 <p> Starting from Pak Tam Chun to High Island Reservoir, most of the trail is a flat road. All around are natural scenes. Visitors can see rocks in strange shape, huge rocks, corrade granitoid, beach break ... <BR> <P><B><A name=beach>&lt;&lt;l Xp&gt;&gt;</B><BR><B>&lt;&lt;Beach&gt;&gt;</B><A> <P> <TABLE align=center> <TBODY> <TR> <TD><IMG src="largebeach.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> <TD><IMG src="largebeach2.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> N d g  q v wm Xp ^ T (W ,g ^ D я (} 10 - 30 R  z) ] g Y P W T v l Xp O Y 'Y dž cp 0 WS cp 0 u 8 cp 0 }v J cp 0 jm  cp I{ I{ 0  N l Xp N FO N 4l n l |^ *Q N 4l *Q o /f /n U g *g al g v Z l Xp 0 @b N Y c[ l [ P } } gn f l 0 W b 2 L vQ [ 4l N ;m R hQ ` b eQ 'Y 6q 0 n eQ wm )Y N r 0 ` 6q _ v N j 0 <p> Sai Kung is famous for lots of beautiful beaches. Besides our restaurant (10 - 30 Minutes), there are lots of famous beaches around us. Such as Tai She Wan, Nam Fung Wan, Ung Kong Wan, Pak Lap Wan, Long Ke Wan.... Those beaches has fine sand and clear water. Since they are non-polluted, most visitors will come to here to take a swimming, fishing and other activities. <BR> <P><B><A name=ship>&lt;&lt;J 9 l&gt;&gt;</B><BR><B>&lt;&lt;Boat Trip&gt;&gt;</B><A> <P> <TABLE align=center> <TBODY> <TR> <TD><IMG src="largeship.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> <TD><IMG src="largeship2.gif" width="300" height="225"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>(W 0 я v  x - S P N N O 1z 'Y *,g^ScOJGNyÌ</CENTER> <p> Near the Sai Kung pier, visitors can hire a traditional boat or pleasure boat. You can take a boat trip to some beautiful beaches. We have a samll pier near the restaurant. Visitors can enjory there lunch here, then continuou their trips. <CENTER>*We provide service to hire a boat for visitors</CENTER> <BR> </A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><IMG src="low_bar.gif" border=0 width="778" height="32"> </BODY></HTML>